For college students, summer is that blissful, peaceful oasis that awaits after a long and grueling school year. The idea of summer is fantastic. However, once we get there, it’s hard to know what to do with all our time. Here are a few things to do while on your college summer break. 6 Things […]

Congrats, you’re going to college. There are probably a million things going through your head. There’s so much to do, so much to get together. One of the most challenging parts of heading to college is figuring out what to pack. What you’ll need to survive the next eight months. I’ve compiled a list of […]

You work hard for your money and tracking where all of it is spent can be complicated. We shop and rarely keep mental track of how much money is going where. I created a Receipt Tracker Printable to help myself and others track spending. The printable is a great way to see everything we spend […]

With all the overwhelming aspects of College, a little help can go a long way. There are many websites and apps out there looking out for us struggling college students. After a lot of searching, I have found some great websites and apps that make college a lil’ easier. Here are the most useful apps […]

One of the many benefits of college is the ability to study abroad. Many colleges offer summer, semester and year long programs. If you go to a large enough college, you most likely will find the perfect fit for a study abroad program. Now, the question is, do you actually want to study abroad or […]

Hydro Flasks are no small thing. Walk into any high school or college campus and you’ll be surrounded by people carrying them. The colorful, portable drink holders can’t be avoided. I purchased my Hydro a year and a half ago. After my family used mine, they decided to get their own. The question is, are […]

College provides you with lots of time for extracurriculars. The 1,000 hours spent in the classroom in high school has now turned to what feels like .25 seconds in the college classroom. So much to do but with so much time as well. If you are finding yourself bored, here are Ways to Get Involved […]

So, that senior in your life is about to graduate. Congrats. If you received a cute, perfectly designed grad party invite in the mail, it can fill you with joy and pride, and also with some dread. Figuring out exactly what a soon to be high school grad wants as a gift can be daunting. […]

Leaving on a break from school is great, coming back from break, not so much. How much you feel the effects of coming back from a break, that felt like .05 seconds long, really depends on who you are. It’s likely, however, you will feel these effects to some extent. While there is no cure […]

Portland? She’s a weird place. Even though I have lived almost all my life just three hours north, she is drastically different from my beloved Seattle suburbs. I’ve only lived in Portland for a semester and a half and have learned so much. From the quirks of the city, to great brunch places and everything […]

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