College Printables

The Home Management Binder for Young Adults, helps young adults, like myself, get their lives in order. As a twenty year old, I am still making that awkward transition between child and adulthood. This binder has allowed me to get more organized. The binder was created by Sunshine And Rainy Days. What Does the Binder [...]

Congrats, you’re going to college. There are probably a million things going through your head. There’s so much to do, so much to get together. One of the most challenging parts of heading to college is figuring out what to pack. What you’ll need to survive the next eight months. I’ve compiled a list of [...]

You work hard for your money and tracking where all of it is spent can be complicated. We shop and rarely keep mental track of how much money is going where. I created a Receipt Tracker Printable to help myself and others track spending. The printable is a great way to see everything we spend [...]

As a college student, I have been struggling to keep track of my spending. Whether it is online or in store; with cash or card. I created this Monthly Finance Worksheet to help keep track of all of my expenses. Monthly Finance Worksheet I can easily use the worksheet to keep track of dates and [...]