Hydro Flasks are no small thing. Walk into any high school or college campus and you’ll be surrounded by people carrying them. The colorful, portable drink holders can’t be avoided. I purchased my Hydro a year and a half ago. After my family used mine, they decided to get their own. The question is, are [...]

Textbooks can be notoriously expensive and sometimes it’s hard to find the best deals at your school’s bookstore. To help combat having to spend an arm and a leg to afford textbooks, I decided to try Chegg. Here is my Chegg Textbook Review. Chegg Textbook Review What is Chegg? Chegg is an online site where [...]

I am obsessed with planners. Being able to write everything down in one place, with maybe a cute sticker or two, is super satisfying. One of my favorite parts of back to school shopping is picking out my newest planner. This year I decided to try a Pipsticks brand planner. I’m not gonna lie she [...]

Bullet Journals have been popular for awhile. Pinterest has thousands of ideas of how to create and improve your own Bullet Journal. After seeing the hype around them, I decided to test it out. I excitedly bought a new Bullet Journal with cute cactus’ on it, hoping it would somehow improve my life. However, I [...]