Dead Week in College, What is it?

Am I the only one who has never heard of this “dead week” concept? If so, I feel very cheated. If you, a fellow confused person, does not understand what “dead week” means, let me explain. I was first introduced to this concept the week before the end of my first semester of college. On that Sunday one of my friends sighed and said, “it’s dead week”. When I asked her what this was she gave me a look as though I just told her I want to go streaking across campus. Here is an idea of what dead week in college is.

Dead Week in College, What is it?

Apparently, dead week refers to the week before finals, when for the sake of student’s sanity, teachers and professors alike ease up on assignments. This is to provide more time to study. My friends knew of this concept in high school, I didn’t. My high school oh so kindly decided to not put this concept into practice.

Trust me, this week isn’t a free for all, some of my professors have been kind enough to give me bigger assignments to complete during the week. But thankfully, some stop giving a bunch of projects and assignments to me and my fellow tired classmates.

If you are also confused and new to this concept, start a riot my friend. We have been robbed of our right to sanity the week before finals. If your high school or college does not have this concept, here are a few pieces of advice from a not-so-expert, unprofessional person.

  1. Cry
  2. Throw a temper tantrum
  3. Question your sanity
  4. Ponder fleeing to the Caribbean or somewhere in Europe
  5. Start a riot
  6. Protest
  7. Take it for what it is, and get through finals and projects with a lot of coffee, chocolate and sadness

Here are just a few things to do if you have never heard of dead week in college.

This is one of the first posts I ever wrote. It’s a little weird, incoherent and doesn’t contain a lotta useful info, but I’m still proud of her. Hope you found this post entertaining.

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