6 Things to do During Your College Summer Break

For college students, summer is that blissful, peaceful oasis that awaits after a long and grueling school year. The idea of summer is fantastic. However, once we get there, it’s hard to know what to do with all our time. Here are a few things to do while on your college summer break.

6 Things to do During Your College Summer Break

Summer Break is great way for college students to relax and have fun. Here are six ways to do so.

Become an Expert at a Hobby

College can be incredibly busy. Hobbies are usually put on the back burner while you study, work and much more.

Summer gives college students a lot more time to focus on hobbies. You can find a hobby that really interests you and hone your craft.

If you enjoy painting, practicing your painting skills can be a great way to spend your summer.

Find a Full or Part-Time Job

Any sort of job, during the summer, is great for us broke college students to make some money. The money could help towards tuition, food, rent, or just for fun adventures with friends, while at school.

Rent an Airbnb with Friends

Renting Airbnb’s has become increasingly popular over the years. If you gather enough friends, you could all enjoy a night or two in a nice Airbnb house. This would be a great way to fill time and make some memories with friends.

Host a Movie All Nighter

All nighters aren’t solely for when you are cramming for a big exam during the school year. They can be fun too.

Gather all your friends, some greasy food and stay in for a night. Part of the fun can be picking out what movies to watch. You can make it more interesting by choosing a theme. Anything from an all night horror fest to a cringe fest with rom-coms. You can even complete your all nighter movie fest in an Airbnb, double the excitement.

Take a Day Trip

A day trip is less commitment (and money) than a long road trip or vacation, however, it can be just as fun. There are plenty of places all around you that you probably haven’t explored. Look up some go-to spots around where you live, pick a destination you find interesting and head out. You can invite your friends, family or even pets.

Go to the Drive-In Movies

For those of you who are asking, yes these still exist. They are rare finds, but can be a great way to spend a Friday night. Most of the time Drive-In movies host double features. Once you get to the Drive-In all you have to do is park your car and enjoy the movies. It’s even more fun if you know someone with a truck. Everyone can pile into the bed of the truck with snacks and blankets galore.

So much to do, so little time. College summer breaks can be filled with some great memories. I hope I’ve helped you generate some ideas on how to enjoy your summer to the fullest.

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