Ways to Get Involved on Your College Campus

College provides you with lots of time for extracurriculars. The 1,000 hours spent in the classroom in high school has now turned to what feels like .25 seconds in the college classroom. So much to do but with so much time as well. If you are finding yourself bored, here are Ways to Get Involved on Your College Campus.

Ways to Get Involved on Your College Campus

Look at Your Interests

College has anything and everything to offer. The question is, what are you interested in? Before jumping head first into all the activities your school has to offer, write down some different activities you are interested in. You’ll be more prepared to know what you want to do with your time. This will set you up to join clubs and activities you will be actively engaged in.

Attend an Activity Fair

Many colleges want their students to get involved on campus. To help with this, many colleges host one or two activity fairs a year. This may seem daunting, and it probably will be, when you go. You may imagine a bunch of car salesmen people yelling at you from all directions to join their clubs. This may happen but, stay strong, you could find a club or two that are just right for you. Even if you’re not ready for a committed relationship with a club, signing up for the emails of a club at an activity fair doesn’t hurt. That way, when you are ready, you know when events for a club are happening.

Join One or Two Clubs

This point goes hand in hand with attending an activities fair. Clubs are an easy way to get involved and meet new people. If there are people attending a club event you’re at, they most likely are interested in the club like you. Already, you have something in common you can talk about. Even if you are not interested in making new friends, joining and attending a club or two will make you more engaged with the campus around you. You will know more about you campus and college. Which is never a bad thing.

If you are gonna join clubs, don’t go overboard and think that every club under the sun should be joined. You do have to spend some time both studying and sleeping, I am sorry to announce.

Study Groups

Finding a group of people from your classes to study with is a great way to get involved. You get to know some of your classmates better while simultaneously kicking butt at the whole studying and getting good grades thing. Study groups can be great to help solve problems and get to know your class material better. You and your study group can collectively cry and bond over how hard your classes are. Sounds insanely fun right?

Attend Sports Events

This is a perfect way to get involved on your college campus. Sports events can be the heart of many colleges. At my school, soccer is huge. Men’s soccer is made into a huge ordeal that many people talk about. Attending sporting events with friends is a great way to get to know your campus’ culture. You can also keep up to date with everything happening in sports at your school.

Keep Updated on Special Events and Outings

Like I’ve mentioned before, many colleges want their students to get involved on campus. They will work tirelessly to do so, trust me. Many colleges will host random, fun events for all students to attend. This could be anything from a school sponsored free concert, or a stuffed animal making night (yes, those are real). Keeping up to date with these special events is a great way to get involved. Go with friends or just go by yourself to meet new ones.

Many colleges also host special outings as well. At my school, we have “outdoor pursuits”. During most weekends you can sign up for a special outdoor trip. They vary from weekend to weekend, with anything from going to the beach, hiking, or snowboarding. Sometimes they are just day trips, other times overnighters. If you have a passion for nature or a sport in nature, checking out these events would be a great way to get involved.

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