How to Keep Your Life Organized in College

It is hard to stay organized in the very disorganized world of college. Sadly, many professors do not remind you every waking second of projects, essays or tests that are coming up. I love organizing things and have a few ways I keep my life in check in order to avoid a panic attack every other day. Here are just a few ways to keep your life organized in college.

Staying organized in college is hard. Here are a few ways I stay organized.

How To Keep Your Life Organized In College

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Planners are a godsend. Having one in college is a huge help. Writing all my assignments and due dates in my planner helps me stay organized. I can look at any given month in my planner and have a good idea of what I need to do. It also helps me to prepare if I know weeks where I have assignments raining down on me and lots of activities to go to. Planners are also perfect for writing all your activities in. Making life organized in college is much easier with a planner. It helps you see when you have busy days so you can make up for them by planning ahead and doing assignments early.

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Erasable Wall Calendar

Along with my planner, I also have a chalkboard hanging in my room with a blank slate month on it. Each month I can erase and fill in the chalkboard with all the new activities and assignments of the new month. When I sit at my desk I can quickly glance at it to see what is going on in my life. Bonus, it’s cute and looks great on my wall.

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Google Calendar

Google Calendar is yet another great resource. This one is for people of the future who want to get rid of old fashioned paper planners (sad but respectable). You can input all assignments and activities easily. I have my notifications on for Google Calendar so it notifies me 30 minutes ahead of any due date or activity, in case I forgot. It’s also perfect for syncing multiple calendars together. I have both my school calendar and my family’s calendar synced so I can see what I have and what my family has too.

Note Cards

Note cards are probably the easiest way to keep track of assignments. I use one notecard for two weeks (one side for one week, the other side for the next week). I write down a to-do list of everything I have to do that week. Then, when I go to study, I can refer to it. Not to mention, it is the most satisfying thing on the planet when I get to cross something off my list.

If none of the above options appeal to you, I suggest at least doing this as a simple way to keep track of things.

Don’t Forget that Syllabi (The Most Holy of College Grails)

Syllabi are not necessarily a place to keep track of things but they are vital for organization. You need these to keep your life organized in college. They have everything that you will do in a class for that term. Due dates, projects, essays and the time of the class’ final as well. I like to keep all my syllabi in a folder that I can easily access if I want to clarify any major due dates.

At the beginning of the semester, I also put the due dates of major assignments in my Google Calendar and planner to help keep track of everything I have to do.

These are just a few ways to keep ya life organized in college. Hopefully, they’ll be just as useful to you as they have been to me.

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