How to Manage After Coming Back from a College Break

Leaving on a break from school is great, coming back from break, not so much. How much you feel the effects of coming back from a break, that felt like .05 seconds long, really depends on who you are. It’s likely, however, you will feel these effects to some extent. While there is no cure all to completely fix the sadness of coming back to school, there are some ways to help make it more bearable. Here are a few ways to manage after coming back from a college break.

Going back to college after a break can be challenging. Here are some ways to help make the transition easier.

Coming Back from a College Break

Don’t Stay in Your Room

When you get back to school, you could just want to curl up in your bed, listen to sad music on repeat and cry about all the work you have to do. While I want to do that on the regular, it definitely does not help make you feel better. In fact, it could make you feel worse. Being holed up in your four by four room, with only your thoughts, can make you go more insane than you already are. Get out of your room into civilization. It will make your depression slightly better and help you forget about leaving your family and friends from home.

Visit with Friends

Friends are great at lightening the mood. They can make you feel happy and more prepared to face the world. They also are great at occupying your time and mind when you feel down. So, if you’re coming back from a particularly good but short break from school, they would be perfect for helping you feel better.

Be in a Public Campus Area

Like in the first point I made, being alone is not a good idea when coming off a school break high. Being in public can help you readjust to campus life and the other students around you. It can also make you feel less alone in the world. It helps me when I see other students in public loudly exclaiming to their friends they don’t want to come back to school and are not ready for the next part of classes. It makes me feel less alone. Like I’m not the only one who ain’t having a fun time.

Do Homework

The last thing any of us want to do is homework during break. Even when I get back from break, I have a hard time starting homework. However, it’s a great way to take your mind off things. It helps you forget about the dread you feel of being back in school. Focus on the task at hand and that’s it. It’s perfect, you get to be productive and forget about your sadness for a few blissful moments.

Workout or Take a Walk

Doing something active is another great way to forget about the sadness you face when returning to school. You can be productive and get in shape. For those who are a little spooked by their school’s gym (like me), just taking a walk around campus can be very calming and beneficial. You can take in the nature and sounds around you.

Going back to school after a great break with friends and family is hard. It seems every time I go on break it gets harder to come back and get into the routine of school. Who can blame us college students for wanting to forget about school for a lil’ while longer? It’s hard but possible to get through it. I hope you got some valuable ideas of how to cope with the adjustment of coming back from a college break.

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