Bullet Journals have been popular for awhile. Pinterest has thousands of ideas of how to create and improve your own Bullet Journal. After seeing the hype around them, I decided to test it out. I excitedly bought a new Bullet Journal with cute cactus’ on it, hoping it would somehow improve my life. However, I [...]

Campus Safety is important. How safe you feel on a college campus can vary drastically based on location. But even if you’re in the safest neighborhood of the whole universe, walking back to your dorm late at night can still not feel too great. My college is small. We have public safety that is available [...]

As a college student, I have been struggling to keep track of my spending. Whether it is online or in store; with cash or card. I created this Monthly Finance Worksheet to help keep track of all of my expenses. Monthly Finance Worksheet I can easily use the worksheet to keep track of dates and [...]

Living on campus can be a very different experience at different universities.  As a student at a smaller college, the options to choose a dorm are there, but not endless. I have roughly five dorms to choose from. Here is a surprise,  just because the dorms are part of the same college does not mean [...]

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